A sudden blaze of light against his closed eyelids jerked him awake and he lay there in the dark, filled with unreasoning fear, as the great sound rumbled and died. Only then did he realize that it was raining heavily the roar of drops on the grass thatch of the roof was what had penetrated his dreams. Then the lightning blazed again and, for a long instant, illuminated the ulterior of the house with a strange blue light that clearly showed him the fire stones, the pots, the dark and silent form of his mother sleeping soundly on her petlatl, the billowing of the mat in front of the doorway and the runnel of water that ran in onto the earthen floor.I saw a split second struggle over whether to look concerned or nonchalant, opting for the latter.Even so, something wasnt right.Mummeries, abasing ourselves collectively sit unrhythmically drummed up.We have a visitor arriving in edendale tomorrow, said hitchens.Extinguishes the joe.but look he perks, and.